Financial Services

J&E is a Financial Services and advisory firm providing end-to-end services to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Large Corporates across the East African Community (EAC).
J&E philosophy revolves around committed teamwork with a collective focus on ethics, swift execution, quality and excellence. J&E pride itself on the comprehensive strategies and tailored solutions it provide to its clients based on the strength of J&E teams’ intellectual capital and experience.

Corporate Advisory

At J&E we provides advisory services to public and private organisations in the matters pertaining to capital structure, restructuring and resource optimisation. We help in identifying mergers and acquisitions targets, capital allocation programs, ongoing monitoring and management of strategic investments, and corporate turnaround programs where required.
Services include:-

Corporate & Strategic Advisory

Resource Optimization

Asset & Liability Management

Acquisitions & Negotiation Support

Corporate Restructuring

Asset & Liability Management


Capital Raising

J&E facilitates capital raising for companies across various sectors for expansion and acquisition. Our capital raising services span across: equity, debt, grants and other instruments.This can be done through local commercial banks or through International Capital ventures.

Investment Advisory

Our investment programs are all fully systematic and cover multiple styles, strategies, asset-classes, geographies and time horizons. We have a team dedicated for R&D and ready to advice you on which business, sector or geography to venture.